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Customize your own personal chalk bag!

Custom bags can be made from fabric sold by other fabric distributors or from your own spoonflower fabric choice ( Custom orders can also be made from your own fabric. 
Ordering fabric in costs an additional $10. Please note that spoonflower orders can take anywhere between 2-5 weeks to arrive. Other fabric distributors vary in the amount of time they take to ship an item. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at


Features include: 
- Fleece lining to hold in loose chalk
- Knitted stretch fabric for full closure and safely secured paracord 
- 2mm paracord drawstring
- Cord stopper
- elastic brush holder 
- Two loops for belt loop stability 
- approx. 6" tall, 5" wide diameter
- Polyester boning for firm rim stability 


Custom Fabric on Chalk bag