Custom Image on Chalk Bag


If you have an image in mind, we can print it right onto a chalk bag! 


Custom images must have a resolution of 300 ppi in order to ensure a high quality print. 

Please send your custom image to and include the following information: 


Style : *Pouch/ *Cylinder

Zipper: Yes/No

Side Colour: Black/Turquoise/Red


*Pouch : U shaped bag. The zipper pocket is on the back. Example: White dog bag, Corgi Butt, Rocket's Chalk

*Cylinder: Cylinder shapped bag. Zipper pocket is on the side and is slightly bigger than the pouch pocket. Example: Purple Cat bag. 


Once we have received your image, we will crop it to the right size and send it to you for approval before printing. Custom chalk bags take 2 - 4 weeks to process. 



Ana Paula Becerra

(647) 778-2246

Hamilton ON

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