Sloths Chalk Bag


Sloth Fabric by Andrea Lauren


Are you tired of losing your tape? Does chalk constantly escape from your poorly sealed chalk bag? This bag comes wIth a revolutionary tape holder so you never lose your tape again. You'll love how perfectly it closes which prevents all that chalk spill. You'll also love the supported rim, allowing you to send your projects without a sweat! This unique and colourful handmade chalk bag lets you express yourself while pulling on rock and plastic!

Images are digitally masked. Design and size may vary depending on print.

Made to order. Orders can take 1- 3 weeks to dispatch.

Cylinder bags are tall and cylindrical, measure roughly 6.5 inches tall.
Cylinder bags' zipper pockets fit most phones. 

Pouch bags are a little shorter, measure roughly 5.5 inches tall. 
Pouch bags' zipper pockets fit phones up to 5" 

Features include: 
- Designer fabric created by Spoonflower artists 
- small buckle strap to hold tape/rings/membership cards/keys
- Fleece lining to hold in loose chalk
- 4-way stretch fabric on chalk bags for full closure and safely secures paracord
- elastic brush holder 
- Polyester boning for firm rim stability 
- Comes with a 45" waist band - please specify if different size is need


Accent Colour


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