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Sweet & Simple

Cylinder Chalk Bags.

When all you really need is chalk.


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Stylish Bunch

Kanga Pouches. 

Chalk with a bit of style. 


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Efficiency at it's best

Zippers fit phones, keys, wallets, membership cards and more. 

Cylinder : $38.50

Pouch: $40.00




Have an idea in mind? We happily take custom orders as we strive to create chalk bags that fit every personality!

Our printing process allows for high-resolution images to be printed directly onto your chalkbag. Images of your pets or beautiful landscapes, the possibilities are endless!

E-mail us today to get started! 







Kanga Climbing

I started climbing in 2011 at Rock Oasis in Toronto when I was 17 years old. It didn't take long for my life decisions to revolve around my new passion and soon enough I was climbing all over the world, meeting amazing people and slowly changing my path to involve more climbing! 

Kanga Climbing began in December 2016 while making personalized chalk bags for my closest climbing friends. I couldn't help but think other climbers may also want unique and personalized chalk bags so I set out to find the best materials that would endure crazy climbing adventures while bringing out the funky climber in everyone! 

We've teamed up!

We value hand care as much as we value funky chalk bags! That's why we've teamed up with Bomber Climbing to offer you the best Canadian-made hand care solution out there!


Custom orders

A picture of your pet or a work of art! Our bags are fully customize-able. Additional prices apply, ready in 2 - 4 weeks!

Wholesale pricing

We offer wholesale pricing for quantities of 10+ bags! Send us an

e-mail to request your catalogue today!


Can't find a fabric you like? Find one that matches your personality by following the link below!


We can ship anywhere in the world. All shipments are tracked. Pick-up options are also available in

Hamilton, ON 

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Ana Paula Becerra

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